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"We're getting heavily played."

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Thread SteamWorld Quest - Official Launch Trailer - Out on April 25th
Great questions! One thing we want to make sure of is that the games are consistently good, preferably great. Another thing is that we must be able to somehow place the game on the same timeline as the others. For example, SteamWorld Heist wasn't conceived as a SteamWorld game from the beginning. But it was quite practical that it starred robots since (a) it entailed a lot of shooting: you can't kill robots, just damage them (they can always be put back together again), and (b) we got to expand this strange universe. Now that we have robots in what looks like medieval times in SW Quest, it seems they can be anywhere. But it's all on the same timeline. If you look closely in all the games, there are quite a few references (both graphical and story-wise) among the games. I'm sure we'll also make non-SteamWorld games as well some day.