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"Why are we allowing them to walk free and safe? This is a fucking war."

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Thread The Jimquisition: Winners and Losers of E3 2019
Hi! I'm one of the Sabotage devs who was at the booth at PAX East 2018. I'm sorry this happened to you as it's not how we normally do things. Back then the Messenger demo was a bit too long and sometimes we let people finish it even though it took them almost 20 minutes. This might be what happened when you were in line. We have since then optimized our demos in order to minimize wait times and increase the number of people who can try the game. The PAX East 2018 booth had 2 stations for regular attendees as well as an additional booth reserved for press. We often let regular attendees play on the press booth when it was unoccupied but let them know that if press showed up we'd have to ask them to let them play. I don't know what happened but I do not see why we would take turns to play own game instead of letting attendees play the game we worked so hard to have you guys play... Again I'm sorry you had a bad experience with our booth and I hope that in the future we get to make up for it.


Thread Celeste, The Messenger, or Dead Cells?
The framerate issues in The Messenger on Switch were due to a memory leak between Unity and the Switch and have been patched since a couple of weeks after the game was released on August 30th. So that's not an issue anymore.


Thread Monster Hunter World: The Beginners' Hangout
Played about 20 hours so far. Enjoying it a lot. I really like the twin short swords, but dang do these need to be sharpened often ... My PSN id is: Misterproof


Thread The Creators of Ninja Gaiden Play ‘The Messenger’
Ohhh yes. Just meeting them at Bit Summit and have them say this was like Ninja Gaiden 4 was enough to bring at least one of us to tears :-). *Looks at Thierry* But then having them do this video where they talk about meeting us and how they see the game. Wow! Even better, Keiji Yamagishi composed two new tracks of original music inspired by The Messenger and named one Infiltration and the other Succession... The tracks are not in the game per se but will be available on Steam. At this point we are just so grateful. What a life. Martin


Thread Nintendo eShop - August 2018
I’m really looking forward to seeing your reaction to The Messenger. We’ve been crafting this game for the past two years with a crew of really passionate and talented people. It’s very polished and I can safely say that it is by far the best game I have been involved in over my 10 years in the games industry. Martin


Thread ‘The Messenger’ a new Ninja Gaiden-esque 2D Platformer
Hey ! Martin here from Sabotage. We are the developers of The Messenger. Glad to read all this excitement here on ResetEra. There's obviously a lot I can't say yet that not already in the Polygon feature article but I'm happy to watch this thread and answer what I can. (No dates, details on consoles, price though). There's already a Steam page to wishlist it though and the Sabotage twitter handle for following us is @sabotageqc (My personal one is @brouardmartin ). Cheers, Martin


Thread ‘The Messenger’ a new Ninja Gaiden-esque 2D Platformer
Let's say there's some time travel involved and that 8-bit to 16-bit is our way of showcasing the different eras both visually and on the audio side. :-)