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Thread Xbox Game Studios & Bethesda Softworks |OTXVI| The Age of Infinite Horizons
It's even more than that, lol. Curtis Schweitzer, Joel Corelitz, yours truly - Campaign Eternal Time and Space, Alex Bhore, Joel Corelitz - Multiplayer. Have fun playing/listening!


Thread The soundtrack for The Elder Scrolls 6 needs to be composed by Gareth Coker (Ori music)
I am 99.9% sure it won't be me, but thank you! There are tons of composers who could do an amazing job with it including people mentioned here but also from places you might not expect (composers are far too often pigeon-holed as only being able to write one way which is quite often far from the case).


Thread Halo Infinite - Official Soundtrack - Through the Trees
Interesting POV. It really depends per project. But I don't think your statement about tracks 'falling behind creatively' is something you can apply across the board. I don't think anyone thinks Howard Shore had any bandwidth issues on LOTR! There's no way anyone can recall all 10 hours of music for the LOTR movies. The reasons some tracks feel ahead of others is because of the moments in the film/game/show they are attached to, yes the music needs to be memorable too, but don't underestimate the power of association. If every track tries so hard to stand out, then at the end of the day, nothing ends up standing out. It has to be cohesive. You can have this problem with visuals too, I've lost count of how many blockbusters I've seen where so much is happening on screen, and it all becomes a blur after a while. Too much for the brain to process. A soundtrack has to have pacing too. We don't remember every Star Wars track, or every Lord of the Rings track, but it's often the case that composers put just as much thought into the tracks 'in between' the tracks that people know / can recall. Most successful scores have pillars that are built around and they get recalled and expanded upon over time. A lot of media projects will benefit from an artist's singular musical vision. There are also tons of examples where it's been also been a collab and it's worked out great (as Curtis, Joel and myself feel!). No hard and fast rules and I don't think we can really say one is better or more/less creative than the other.


Thread Halo Infinite Track - Reverie + Interview with composer Curtis Schweitzer
Joel Corelitz is the other composer in addition to Curtis and myself, I'm pretty sure they will showcase his work too. Whether it's exploration music / cutscene music / gameplay, etc... I'm looking forward to people experiencing all this in context!


Thread Halo Infinite | Set a Fire in Your Heart – Official Soundtrack
I don't think you'll be disappointed. There'll be some sonic surprises for sure especially with the batch of stuff we just finished recording. As for this, we wanted to lead with something that showed our reinterpretations / extensions, but the journey the score takes you on will obviously become clearer once the game and OST is released. I really wish I could say more but I can't!


Thread Halo Infinite | Set a Fire in Your Heart – Official Soundtrack
Thanks everyone. As I mention in the interview we're exploring both old and new and this is really a tiny indicator of it. Production on the music is ongoing, we are lucky to not have been affected by covid-19 too much as several studios / recording session orchestras including the ones we use have been able to figure out socially distant recording and the engineering required to capture it. Knowing what's in the pipeline I'm pretty confident that people will be happy with the blend of old/new on the final soundtrack when the game's released. It's tough to capture everything we've done in one interview and one track but it's a lot of music between Curtis, Joel and myself!


Thread One month left until Ori and The Will of The Wisps!
Track count is generally misleading. A lot of these tracks on the WOTW album are stitched together due to interactive elements. e.g. A bossfight cue will have the intro -> phase 1 loop -> transition -> phase 2 loop -> outro. 5 'tracks' merged into 1 for a continuous listening experience (which is how it plays out in the game). Not all OSTs do the stitching and just drop the cues as they are built in the game. Anyway, so the number of 'cues' (files) in the game is far higher, well over 100 - probably more. Runtime is a better comparison and this one is 186 minutes (after cuts!). It's a bigger game, with more characters, all stuff you've seen from our trailers, which means not just a continuation but also an expansion on what was done in the first game. Anyway, not long until the game is out and I hope you all enjoy what we've been working on together at Moon for so long to create!