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Thread |OT| Xbox Series X | S - Powering your Dreams,
Has anyone had an issue where a vertical line up and down the screen is sort of misaligned or "displaced". It's hard to describe, but if you look at a box for example, one half of it is raised compared to the other if said line is going through it. I'm assuming it's something to do with VRR/120hz, as my G-sync monitor has the same issue now and then, and is corrected with a simple power off-on. Using a LG C9 if that helps.


Thread Apex Legends |OT2| Got An Official Thread Here, Level 2
I own (or owned) a 2080Ti and these visual anomalies are/were present for me, too. Unfortunately my card died later that week. I'm sure it's unrelated.


Thread Nipsey Hussle shot outside his store in LA (UP: Passed Away)
This hurts. Victory Lap's been getting me through some bullshit. From all accounts, he was an incredible person who did a lot for his community. RIP, Nip.


Thread Pit bulls: Irrational hate
We have one, and she's the most adorable caring dog I've been around. Of course her sheer weight and strength can lead to a few accidental scuffs, and while playing with her, an undeniable thought of "you could fuck me up for real at any time" is present in the mind. In my experience with her and other Pitbulls, they're an extremely malleable breed, so it's not surprising that when paired with a shit owner the dog's going to a menace. On the flipside, with discipline and a lot of love, they can be such an awesome friend.


Thread Major terrorist (white supremacist) attack in Christchurch (NZ) [UP6: 4 suspects in custody, 49 confirmed dead] (READ THREADMARKS)
I'm so lost for words. What a fucked day. I'm so upset that people, beautiful people who've chosen to live here, or grew up here, that we couldn't keep them safe. You're conditioned growing up in New Zealand to appreciate how safe and remote we are, how far away we are from all the awful things in the world. My love goes out to the Muslim community, and everyone affected in Christchurch.


Thread Do Any of You Want to Work in the Games Industry?
Studio by studio basis. The only time I've been told off at work is for "working too much". My boss applauded me when I took a day or two (or five) off for Destiny 2. I know that's an exception to the case, and I'm very fortunate. I love my job and I don't see myself doing anything but this. I've made great friends, shared great memories and even when things get a little tense - when you put a game out for people who appreciate it, it's a kickass feeling that makes it all super worth it.


Thread Ashen |OT| A Phoenix Downed
Just wrapped the game up - had a ton of fun. Had a few moments of input lag, and some other oddities, but on the whole, A44 did a great job with this game. Can't believe you can play something like this on Game Pass day one.


Thread Red Dead Online Beta |OT| 3:10 to Launch
At the very least, it's before some of the more final events of the game. It could even take place well before the SP campaign in general. There's nothing referencing any major SP story beats in my couple hours of playing so far.


Thread New Zealand Pride's biggest sponsors pull out after orgainzers ban police uniforms
Hell no. Our police are generally pretty good, helpful people, and in smaller towns the police force are usually made up from well known and liked locals. That's not to say there's no issues - Maori are way more likely to be pulled up for a random traffic stop, in my experience.


Thread Should Shatter be remade for current gen consoles? [UP: Because of this thread, it will be!]
Awesome news! I bought my PS3 way back when just to play Shatter. Most definitely keen to play again.


Thread Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 |OT| Late to the party
I’m on the “best cod in a long time” train. Only played a few games of blackout and snagged a solo win. I wasn’t expecting the regular MP offering to take me away from Blackout - but it has. It’s so much fun, Control especially, that I’m about to prestige and keep going - something the past couple of releases really didn’t inspire me to do.


Thread How the fuck do you escape retail work
I won’t even deny that luck played a huge part of propelling me into my current work, but I’ve had my fair share of jobs I hated. Agricultural work, carpentry, retail, hospitality. I don’t have a useful degree, or any outstanding resume achievement. I used my weekends and free time learning. In my case it was game development. I got involved with remote teams, built random crap that would never see the light of day. Networking was/ is a must, too. Getting involved with whatever dream profession however you can on your own time can certainly lead somewhere if you be persistent. Of course you’ll be lead into the typical shitty “work for exposure” scenarios, and in my case I was naive enough to do so, but a lot of it did help so I don’t know. Tough one.


Thread Most Epic Moment in Dragon Ball(entire franchise) history
In my youth, Gohan finally destroying Cell caused me to stand up in front of the TV in awe. This Jiren segment fully recaptured that feeling for me. That doesn't really happen anymore. My girlfriend said my excitement was so infectious, she even cheered - and she's never really watched any Dragon Ball.


Thread Should video game IP's have a "use it or lose it" system in place?
Assuming I ever make an IP that anyone would ever care about, I can't imagine I'd be thrilled with this idea. Making a game is a super long commitment, and knowing that you're sort of forced to work on something that maybe you're not super into at the moment for fear of it being taken away would be heartbreaking.


Thread Which country is more photogenic: Iceland or New Zealand?
I haven't been to Iceland, but my lovely little country has a lot of variation in its scenery. The lakes of Wanaka, snow covered peaks surrounding Aoraki, or the sand dunes and native bush up north - there's a lot of cool stuff to look at.


Thread Andrew Hulshult (Brutal Doom, DUSK) lends his chops to Quake Champions in upcoming update
The few times I got to work with Andrew was an absolute pleasure - dude is super kind and talented. From what I've heard, this is some of his best work yet. Cool to see him take on such a prolific brand


Thread Should I buy GT Sport?
It was so much fun, huh? I really do hope for a more traditional GT in the future, but there are a few "civilian" grade cars in Sport that I've had a great time lowering and doing all sorts of dumb shit with. Not the same by any means, but there's a lot more variety in car makes than I expected (which was mostly supercars and prototype stuff)


Thread Should I buy GT Sport?
I grabbed it on special and I've had a blast, and I've primarily played the single player content. While I may miss buying some 90s hatchback and turboing the hell out of it, the rate at which you get cars, and still having the ability to tune them to your liking (provided you're not playing in competitive online events where tuning is auto balanced) scratches most of that itch for me. You should grab it, especially if the sale is still going. GT, I feel, is still best in class for sim racers.


Thread Watcha Been Playing? July 4th Edition
Finally dived into AC: Origins. I love it. The setting, visuals, music and the character Bayek are all fantastic. While I'm sure a lot of people aren't particularly fond of Ubisoft's brand of busy work, it's not annoying me in the slightest here. A little Battlefield V, too. A clear improvement over BF1, but more of the same in a lot of ways (which hey, not surprising!)


Thread Battlefield 1 |OT| "A Farewell to GAF"
I'm not really excited for the idea, either. I think I miss current day weaponry. Sure, I could always boot up BF4, but the community sort of died out in Oceania (minus a couple of 64 player conquest servers). Being down in the mud in Trench Warfare is something to behold with BF1's fidelity, and I'm sure a WW2 game would leave a similar impression, but man I want to fire some M4's.


Thread Switch Owners: What's your favourite joycon colour?
I wish I grabbed a green pair, had to settle with the neon red and blue. (Got a grey Switch at launch) The red is super eye catching. I love it. I can take or leave the blue.