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"Why are we allowing them to walk free and safe? This is a fucking war."

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Thread Speaking of trans issues let's talk about racism and the general disregard of brands when we call them out for it.
This is actually how moderation was like at first. It did not work. Many people were happy to take a warning, or short ban, if it meant they could JAQ off or even overtly troll women and minorities (including the staff themselves, I've seen it happening in real time). Furthermore, I don't think you realise how absolutely daunting this shit is. Even for minority staff who have the power to ban members. Minorities are called minorities for a reason. The majority of this forum are white, cis het men. It's not fair to the minority and marginalised members to have to constantly explain things to the dismissive and often in bad faith privileged members. And yes, a lot of it is awfully dismissive. More often than not, responses to sensitive concerns are rude, dismissive and even hostile, when it doesn't need to be this way at all. It doesn't cost you anything at all to be more sensitive when approaching these kinds of discussions, even if you're ignorant. There are many issues that I am not knowledgeable on, but I sit back and read and learn in those cases. No one takes pleasure from banning people. I certainly don't, at least. In an ideal forum, these bans wouldn't have to happen at all. But this forum is far from perfect, and without the moderation, it would be far worse. So in short, your approach sadly just does not work in practice.