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Thread Speaking of trans issues let's talk about racism and the general disregard of brands when we call them out for it.
Thanks for making these threads, OP. I mulled over whether or not I should post, as I don't want to derail or shift focus as a staff member. But as it's something I care about, and I also see myself as an active member of this community who is affected by these issues, I wanted to say something. This might sound surprising, but even as an admin, I feel very dejected and even depressed by the attitudes displayed at times. As someone who's been on the team since very early on, I *have* noticed somewhat of a culture shift for the better when it comes to discussing minority issues over the years, but... that kind of just speaks to how bad it was before, more than anything else. I hope that in time that the culture will shift enough that it truly becomes a space where women and minorities can feel comfortable. That means staff have to continue to improve, but yeah, it'll take a conscious effort and empathy from the community as well. More than anything, I just want to say that I feel where you're coming from, that it sucks a lot, and I'm sorry.