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Thread Min Min revealed as ARMS rep in Smash Ultimate
I've seen a lot of rightful frustration in this thread about grouping all Asians together, but people are doing the same thing with Black people. We are also made up of many different ethnicities, backgrounds and nationalities. Even within one African country, you can have several different ethnicities, each with their own distinct culture and history. When people talk about the lack of Black representation, they are talking about the lack of ANY of us. I think it's important to see where this frustration is coming from. Right now, Black people don't have any representation at all in Smash, but Asians do. You can be happy for the inclusion of Chinese character and also realise that Black representation is even more dire in Smash.Yes, honestly this. And just last week I was arguing for the merit of the term BIPOC with other black folks on this forum. I think it definitely can have its place in uniting people of colour against white supremacy, but the issue is that it is too often used to stifle Black concerns.