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Thread My Friend Just Learned She's a TERF
Others have already stated in the thread that it isn't just about how society views you, but also how you view yourself. A trans woman is going to internalise messages meant for women, whether they have transitioned or not. It's not like transitioning turns on the 'woman' switch in their brains. They already knew they were women before that. So no they can't personally give birth to a child, but I don't think that means that misogynistic stereotypes of what a woman has to be doesn't affect them. This stereotype can bring about a different kind of pain for some. The pain of not being able to fit into society's mould of a woman in this way. I don't think anyone is arguing that trans women have the exact same experiences. They don't. But they are still harmed by patriarchy in all its forms. Sometimes in ways that I as a cis woman am not. The hatred that trans women experience is often rooted in the idea that masculinity and maleness is superior, after all.