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Thread Periods in the pandemic (and beyond)
I was worried about running out of supplies during the panic buying period (which thankfully seems to have calmed down now), and got enough supplies to last a couple of months. The really annoying thing though was that due to the theory that ibuprofen and aspirin might be harmful to take if you have COVID-19, the paracetamol has been completely out of stock whenever I've checked any supermarket, which is what I usually take for menstrual cramps (which can be very severe for me, I got sent home from school one time because they were so bad). So I got stuck having to buy really overpriced products specifically for menstrual cramps or for the flu, or migraines etc. Normally I only have to pay like... 40p or something for a pack of paracetamol. I think being stuck at home, and not being as active as I usually am, really made the cramps a lot worse during my last cycle, too. :( So I'm definitely going to try exercising more at home going forward.