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"This thread's premise is reactionary and unproductive"

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Thread On Voting or Not Voting for Biden in Light of the Sexual Assault Allegations |OT| Discussion Guidelines in OP
The OP states this:It isn't asking anyone to do anything, it simply attempts to summarise the different positions within the community, and allows members to state their own positions as a general discussion OT with some guidelines. There are sexual assault survivors like myself on the team, and I've had to moderate threads on this issue despite it being triggering for myself. It's upsetting to see insinuations that the team are trying to cape for Biden. Over the past 24 hours we've somehow been accused of being biased against people both for against voting for Biden. The OP states that we're open to suggestions if you feel any of the points are not accurately summarised. I'd also like to ask people to stay on topic, and not bring in cross-forum drama. There are very important discussions to be had here, so the thread should stay on topic. There are a lot of reports, and we'll be reviewing them all.