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"We're getting heavily played."

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Thread Easy Allies |OT3| Begin corrections music, please...
Don't think I've posted yet in OT3. Hey. Pretty much passed out in the evening yesterday and woke up to the news. I was surprised by how much it hit me. Easy Allies have gotten me through some very hard times, and I can usually count on them to cheer me up or put a smile on my face. Kyle and his particular brand of humour was a big part of that. Watching him talk it out on Twitch did help a lot, though (and talking to the lovely people in the Era discord). Despite how much I'll miss his presence in EZA (and damn, do I already miss him), I'm excited for him and wish him all of the best. I hope the change in scenery and routine will give him some purpose and happiness once again. I'll continue to watch and support EZA, and when he's ready, I'll tune into his streams. Love and respect.