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Thread New York state will immediately begin producing hand sanitizer providing it to government agencies, schools, the MTA, prisons, & others
I was the one who recommended that documentary. :P But yes, please watch it, it's very informative on this subject. The entire system is corrupt and is built to funnel people of colour into the prison system. Precisely as a way to profit. Regardless of the animosity you feel for actual monsters like child sex abusers, that shouldn't lead us to supporting systems that are meant to oppress and dehumanise others just because they've been imprisoned or committed a crime. The laws are sometimes written precisely because they want to not only lock up black people, but imprison them for longer. America has a for profit prison system and also almost a quarter of the incarcerated people in the world, despite having less than 5% of its population. That isn't a coincidence, it's the system working as intended.