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Thread Summary of February 2020 meeting between the Black Community & ResetEra Staff and an update on our Community Relations team
Thank you for the feedback. ^^ I'll try to address your questions. Staff will able to if they're making them. It's basically a moderation tool, and meant for staff posts and reminders, so staff will need to enable it. But we're more than happy to do this for threads that warrant it, especially if users bring them to our attention (since we're not always aware of every single thread that's posted).Generally, yeah, we scout volunteers rather than taking applications, so to speak. This is because there's a lot of different things we look at beyond availability, including whether members can offer perspectives we're lacking, any past infractions or posting style etc. But if any users are interested in helping out, they can always reach out via the 'contact us' form and we promise to give it serious consideration. We've thankfully been able to bring on a few new mods recently, and are expecting a few more soon too.