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Thread Summary of February 2020 meeting between the Black Community & ResetEra Staff and an update on our Community Relations team
As many of you may have seen, we recently had a . During this meeting, the staff had a public discussion where we discussed concerns from the Black Community, and came up with solutions to address these concerns. The entire team would like to thank everyone who took the time to attend this meeting, air their concerns, and helped us come up with solutions to make the forum a more inclusive and welcoming place for you. We state this in the summary below, but this will not be the last of the meetings and communication we have with the Black Community. We also aim to make sure more members are able to take part in future meetings. We've learned a great deal from the past two meetings that we’ve had with the community, and have also developed new tools to assist us in future community outreach efforts. The meeting was a productive experience over all, and it gave us a lot to discuss and ponder over as a team. Before we get to the summary of the meeting, we’d like to take a moment to update you on the status of our Community Relations team, as we mentioned that we’d have more to announce on that this year in our . As stated in that thread, the aim of the Community Relations team will be to act as a committee of staff who are dedicated to community outreach and identifying concerns from the community as they arise. Currently, the Community Relations team is made up of the following staff members: You may notice that there are a few new names. We feel even more equipped to deal with the concerns of the community now with their help. We have also identified a number of communities that we plan to reach out to in the very near future, and will have more to say on that soon.: posts that try to hijack this thread with unrelated issues will be met with moderation. This thread is about the concerns of the Black Community. The following summary was posted within the meeting thread, and contains a list of concerns and the ways that staff aim to address them. Members were given the time and opportunity to weigh in on it.