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Thread The mental health of this community [Read Staff Post Before Posting]
It was actually more like... there was a new Entertainment section, separate from Etcetera. Etcetera was for everything else, including politics. The Entertainment section covered these topics (including any news related to them, which also meant serious social issues related to them would fit in there): Etcetera covered these topics: There was even a Q&A that mentioned this:The staff quickly recognised that getting rid of the Etcetera hangouts section was a mistake, as it simply wasn't working. But we didn't get the feedback to simply make a hangouts section on top of the entertainment/etcetera sections. We were very clearly and collectively told that things should revert to the way they were, because they were fine as is. So that's what the admin team at the time did (I had no say in the decision as I was a mod at the time, but I did witness how incredibly stressful it was for everyone involved). I can't speak definitively one way or another, and I wouldn't necessarily have anything against such a change myself, but I'm just explaining why the team would be very apprehensive about changing the structure of the forum again. It's a stressful and time consuming enough volunteer position as it is, and every time we get that kind of reaction, it's very taxing on everyone's mental health.