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Thread The Black Culture Community [OT 4] - Melanin and Estrogen - The new Kryptonite
Yeah I think I need to do the same with One Piece tbh. It's been so long. But when I first got into it, it was not too long after the timeskip. And I was so hooked I read the whole thing in a couple of weeks, then proceeded to watch the anime in a few months. And it just felt like a grand adventure. I'm not going to bother with the anime this time lol, because frankly I don't have the time, and I recall the animation went downhill anyway (stopped watching around Punk Hazard). But I'd really like to refresh myself on the manga. I haven't read the Hunter x Hunter manga, but I watched the remake anime (2011 I think?), and it's one of my faves. Always liked Canaria's design. FMA I own the entire manga for, and have watched FMA: Brotherhood a few times. It's probably my second favourite after One Piece. It's good. Enjoyed what I read/watched of OPM, but I need to catch up on that too. It's been years on the manga especially. The manga is so aesthetically pleasing that I honestly wanted to buy hard copies of it and just flick through it before. The rest I haven't seen. Well, Jojo I watched the first episode of the anime and there was an animal cruelty scene that traumatised me, and I don't even own any pets. ;-; I always hear it's amazing though, so I should probably give it another chance. I've heard good things about some of the others you listed too, like Aggretsuko and Mob Psycho. Like mentioned earlier, I dislike animes that have excessive fanservice. One Piece is pretty much the only one I begrudgingly make an exception for, because I enjoy the story that much. Which reminds me, the last time I really tried to watch something was Seven Deadly Sins on Netflix, and was put off so much by the sexual harassment stuff played for laughs that I had to drop it (it didn't make it any better that the female character in question had like, zero agency whatsoever when this stuff happened).That's good to know, about the choices. Besides the typical shounen stuff, I'm fairly open minded and into a variety of genres, regardless of who the main target audience is.