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"Why aren't we fighting these cunts on the streets again?"

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Thread REgals [Women of Era] |OT| Episode I: The Female Menace
Regarding makeup, I'm similar to Delphine in that I started wearing it late. Even later than her, actually! I used to only wear makeup at big events like weddings, but never on a regular day while out and about. I started wearing it as kind of a form of self care, and like Delphine, it's also had a positive effect on my self image without makeup. Soon after I started noticing my best features even while makeupless, or even just after rolling out of bed. I'd smile more when looking in the mirror. Like "hey, you look cute!" So I think makeup can be a really positive tool at times. I'd say I still don't wear makeup while out at least 70% of the time, and feel zero pressure to. When I do, it's because I want to pamper myself a bit. My partner doesn't care either way if I wear it, but I have to remind him that I'm doing it for myself and not him at times haha. But I know for many, many other women, there's a lot of pressure to wear it (or not wear it, in some cases... funnily enough that was the case for me growing up), and that really sucks.