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Thread Finland's prime minister said Nordic countries do a better job of embodying the American dream than the US
I don't disagree with anything you've said, and I don't think it's in conflict with my post, either. The point of my post was not that there was argument or discussion to be had, just that certain posts clearly missed the point of who was making these arguments in this thread, and why. Then we also have posts that are completely dismissing racism within Europe. There's a recurring issue in threads about Europe where people feel it is above racism, just because the history with racism isn't quite as front and centre. You're right that the exact form that racism takes will differ from place to place, even within the same country. This goes for both individual and systemic racism. For example, I'm fully conscious that Black Americans have unique, and in many cases more severe challenges than myself as a Black British woman from an African migrant and refugee background. But I've also faced some unique challenges myself in regards to xenophobia and Islamophobia here. I was 'fortunate' enough to grow up in a very racist white working class area (that is now instead very multi-cultural thanks to white flight), and have witnessed white working class people cutting off their nose to spite their face over the years here. Brexit being the latest example. Then there's far right groups gaining more power across Europe whilst using xenophobia and racism to gain that support. So even if the form of racism differs, it still exists on both an institutional and individual level, and it still can and is weaponised. It's also important to understand how and why the situation in America has developed to where it is, instead of viewing America as this strange phenomenon that has no correlations with European countries. I do agree that people shouldn't dismiss the number of ethnic minorities and people of colour in these countries. And that it's important to not dismiss these voices, either.