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Thread Finland's prime minister said Nordic countries do a better job of embodying the American dream than the US
I see a lot of dismissive commentary about "defensive Americans" in this thread that's honestly unacceptable. The members that are expressing scepticism are predominantly marginalised minorities themselves, and people who are stanning for how awesome and just America is. Quite the opposite. They're pointing out a very valid observation that racism is one of many tools that is used to screw over and manipulate the working class (many of whom are people of colour, particularly whenever the number of ethnic minorities increases in a nation). And European countries are not immune from this. As posters have already mentioned, only looking at immigration statistics also ignores ethnic minorities who would not fit that label. This is very much not a right-wing talking point, even if far right parties try to use a similar argument for nefarious reasons. It's a criticism of the institutional racism, not an argument against diversity and immigration. That's not to say that the standard of living and conditions shouldn't be improved (they absolutely should), but simply that this is something that should not be ignored or brushed over when examining these statistics. Looking at things from a black and white perspective is foolish. And before anyone asks, no, I'm not American.