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Thread The Black Culture Community [OT 4] - Melanin and Estrogen - The new Kryptonite
It's interesting how we can pick up on problematic things as children, even though we don't have the language to unpack it. I have some memories of this from playing video games with sexist tropes as a kid. Feeling uncomfortable or disappointed and not knowing why. Something that's not on nearly the same scale as the other incidents mentioned here, but I remember the first time I felt like a token, without realising what that was. In primary school, we learnt about MLK during a morning assembly. At the end, the headteacher basically said that the white and black kids should play together during break that day, because he'd be smiling down from heaven while watching us. And a white girl approached me, with innocent and sincere intentions I'm sure, and basically repeated what the headteacher said. She obviously had the right intentions, but I still felt uncomfortable, and couldn't really place why. And of course no one really remembered this lesson afterwards, and things were back to normal the next day. It's kind of funny because all of the primary schools I went to were overwhelmingly white, but my secondary school was like 70% ethnic minorities and migrants/refugees. And I remember how as soon as I started secondary school, I felt... so at home, and was not made to feel othered for the first time in my life. It was really refreshing to be around people who looked like me, and to not feel alien for once. So despite my secondary school being pretty poor and underfunded (and some of the teachers were racist), I enjoyed it far more than any of the primary schools I went to.