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Thread The Zulu theme from Civilization VI reminds me of the beauty of humanity. What video game songs give you the feels?
I've been on a Civ 6 kick lately, and have been playing with the expansions for the first time. Now, all Civ music is generally great, and has me humming along while playing, and even long after. And we've had at least one thread on Baba Yetu, which rightly gets a lot of praise. But the Zulu theme honestly floors me. Whenever I start up a new Civ 6 campaign, and Zulu is on the map, I get excited. I just sat and listened to the above track on its own yesterday after looking up the soundtrack on Spotify, giving it my undivided attention. I was quickly reminded that humanity is capable of creating such beautiful things. That probably sounds like an exaggeration, but it honestly lights up my soul. And there are plenty of video game soundtracks that I fawn over. Anyone who knows me knows how much of a Supergiants Games fan I am (particularly Pyre). I am obsessed with the soundtrack from both Nier games etc. But it's been a while since I've been so touched by a video game song. Civ games are brilliant games in their own right, but I think the soundtracks are a good enough reason to play them on their own. As mentioned in the title, I'd love to hear video game tracks that touch you all in similar ways.