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Thread Freedom of speech debate heats up in France after death threats to 16-year-old girl who called Islam "religion of hate"
But it is...? It's a religious ideology that started 1400 years ago in a patriarchal society. Some people rightly choose to follow a progressive version of it, of course. But it is a religious ideology. I'm confused by the people who are likening it to a culture in this thread. Islam is not just a thing for brown people, either. Islam spread far and wide. Many Muslim majority countries are not Middle Eastern. Myself and my family are from Sub-Saharan Africa, for example. I have never met a Muslim who would describe Islam as their culture. Their religion and way of life, for sure. Cultures come and go, and change drastically over time. Muslims generally believe that Islam is complete and unchanging as it is the word of god, and god in Islam is described as being all-knowing and incapable of making mistakes. Unlike the Bible, there is also only one version of the Quran. I understand the intent behind your argument, as Islamophobia is very much rooted in racism and xenophobia. But I find people sometimes go to the opposite extreme of making Islam an untouchable, sacred thing that is beyond reproach. And not going to lie, that makes me very uncomfortable too. You know that many people like myself have been oppressed under Islam, right? And you're doing us no favours by placing it on a pedestal. Religion should be scrutinised and examined from all angles. Harshly, if necessary, at times.