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Thread Freedom of speech debate heats up in France after death threats to 16-year-old girl who called Islam "religion of hate"
As someone who has faced Islamophobia, including violent Islamophobic abuse her entire life, I have to strongly disagree with your conclusion here. Her statement is not more idiotic than the unprovoked, hateful, oppressive and homophobic rhetoric that was levied at her. A type of hatred that is stoked by religion, and has been for millennia. If she had made a generalisation about Muslims, I could see your point. I can understand the misgivings about her statement, as such statements about Islam can stoke Islamophobia against Muslims themselves. Believe me, I've lived that. But there's also the fact that religion has historically been used as a tool to oppress. To oppress people like her, specifically. And Islam has had its hand in that. So there's far more gray area in that statement, and a victim of religious persecution lashing out at said religion with that statement, than what was said to her.