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Thread Are you cheap if you don’t tip? (American tipping culture)
The post you were quoting was referencing the fact that Kirblar did not feel employers were the bad guys for not paying their employees a living wage, but was chastising poor people instead. My first post in this thread was also in response to a member who said that if you're broke, you should stay at home and eat a sandwich (I assume, no matter the circumstances). I found this attitude very insensitive, as it isn't taking into account this hypothetical person's situation at all. It was not meant to generalise poor people, or even depict this situation as common. I am poor, live in a country where tipping is not common, and has still tipped every single time it was expected of me (sometimes rather generously). I don't disagree with you at all on a general level. I was just responding to very specific statements.