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"We're getting heavily played."

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Thread Video: Nancy Pelosi Knew Iraq War was Based on Bad Intel at the Time, Explains Why She Opposed Impeachment For Bush
Thread has devolved into the kind of inter-community war that we've received so many complaints about, and will have to stay locked. Look, when members make inflammatory generalisations about each other, they get reported, and if we don't act on it the other side reciprocates and things escalate. If we do act on it, their allies blow up the thread. We've hit people on opposing sides for it in this very thread. There's been plenty of this to go around, and to hear the feedback we get, everyone thinks the people they disagree with are getting away with too much. By all means condemn Nancy Pelosi, the US Government, Capitalism, whatever -- many posters have been doing that and it's all good. But when you start generalising to the point where your fellow members are included in those attacks, we have to act or communities will start tearing each other apart. We're going to leave this thread without further action in the hopes that people cool off. The primaries haven't even started yet; folks are going to have to find a way to coexist. We're only trying to keep the peace.