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Thread Year End Policy Updates and Community Affairs
There's definitely a balancing act involved. If the team is too large, it can be difficult to manage, and there are more chances of slip ups and mistakes as a result. But on the other hand, yes, not enough hands and things can get very taxing, especially over time. We are actually looking for new members of the team at the moment. Both for perspective and also to help out with activity. We also take whether a new candidate could help with certain timezones into account at times. We've been actively discussing new candidates, so you should hopefully see some new faces on the team in the coming weeks. ^^ Sometimes, though, it isn't so much how many people we have, but certain periods of the year can get very busy, and people also have real life commitments or emergencies that pop up. We also advise everyone on the team to prioritise self care and take breaks when needed. That can be difficult at times when you can see the team and community really needs you, though. But we still try our best to strike a balance. Also wanted to say, thank you for your concern for the team. I really appreciate it. Love and respect. <3