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Thread Nintendo Switch’s success is inextricably linked with that of Tom Brady’s
Nintendo fans, tomorrow is an important day. Much like the groundhog emerging from his burrow without seeing his shadow brings us an early spring, Tom Brady must win one for the sake of the Switch’s lineup this year. Don’t believe me? Here’s undeniable FACTS: 2017 - Nintendo Switch ad turns the game around and delivers the win for the Patriots. Nintendo gets the two highest rated games this generation, announces the long awaited Metroid Prime 4, showers us with games all year. 2018 - Patriots lose, worst year in Nintendo history. Ports, droughts, an E3 about a single game. Metroid Prime 4 cancelled and delayed for five years. No January Direct. So, NintendoEra, it is imperative Tom Brady delivers us the win and ensures a healthy year of amazing games and a Direct this week. Tomorrow, we are all Pats fans.