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Thread If Sony buys Bluepoint Games, do you want them to continue as the remake studio?
I don't really know what's in Sony's back catalog that would be as big of a deal as SotC or DeS were. Like if it was up to me, I'd have them remake Ape Escape but that's not really a big budget endeavor lol. Bluepoint has been hinting in interviews forever now that they are ready to tackle their own original project. I think it's time to let them. I really hate the idea of having them do sequels to something like DeS or Bloodborne though. From Soft is what makes those games special, I don't want to see someone else tackle those franchises.


Thread RuPaul's Drag Race Season 13 |OT| oh, ya'll wanted a twist, ehh!?
Olivia Lux was the star of that episode by far. Amazing performance, and both the disco and runway looks were stellar. I think Tina Burner deserved to be in the top for that performance, but god damn I am sick of that color scheme. Would have revoked that top spot for the runway Really sad to see Tamisha Iman get eliminated. Easily my favorite of them all, even if I knew she was never gonna win But her exit, just a class act. Coming off extensive chemo and wearing a damn ostomy bag and still performing at that level is very impressive. Hope we can see her again when she’s healthier.


Thread Nintendo Switch’s success is inextricably linked with that of Tom Brady’s
I made this thread two years ago, but it immediately got locked. Fairly so, as it was ahead of its time. However, history has proven me right, so it’s only fair I unlock it. Brady won in 2019, and immediately Nintendo delivered the best Direct of the Switch era. The lineup for the year was bonkers, with Nintendo publishing many stellar hits all throughout 2019. Huge games released every month, some even had to double or triple up. They had a great E3 too, where they revealed BOTW2! Very fun year to be a Nintendo fan. What happened in 2020? Brady didn’t even make it to the Super Bowl, losing in the WILD CARD round. Switch was immediately doomed. Nintendo basically only released one major game all year, otherwise relying on ports and remakes and games for toddlers. Worse yet, we suffered the great Direct drought, not getting a single full Nintendo Direct in the entire year. To recap:So Era, let us all join hands and root for Tompa Bay to ensure the return of Nintendo Directs. The release of Switch Pro and BOTW2 are at stake.


Thread Nintendo Switch’s success is inextricably linked with that of Tom Brady’s
Nintendo fans, tomorrow is an important day. Much like the groundhog emerging from his burrow without seeing his shadow brings us an early spring, Tom Brady must win one for the sake of the Switch’s lineup this year. Don’t believe me? Here’s undeniable FACTS: 2017 - Nintendo Switch ad turns the game around and delivers the win for the Patriots. Nintendo gets the two highest rated games this generation, announces the long awaited Metroid Prime 4, showers us with games all year. 2018 - Patriots lose, worst year in Nintendo history. Ports, droughts, an E3 about a single game. Metroid Prime 4 cancelled and delayed for five years. No January Direct. So, NintendoEra, it is imperative Tom Brady delivers us the win and ensures a healthy year of amazing games and a Direct this week. Tomorrow, we are all Pats fans.


Thread Nintendo pamphlet confirms that Link and Zelda are "deep within the caverns beneath Hyrule Castle” in BOTW2 UPDATE: Not Nintendo, GamesRadar magazine
This thread doesn't seem to be actual news, so it's getting locked.


Thread You wake up "tomorrow" morning but 15 years have passed whilst you were asleep, what is the first game related term you Google for ?
Super Smash Bros. roster I cannot imagine how stupid the roster will have gotten 15 years from now. Plus, it’ll tell me how many Fire Emblem games I’ve missed.


Thread Will Monster Hunter: Rise outsell Monster Hunter: World?
Switch software sales are absolutely ridiculous. Monster Hunter as a franchise is bigger than ever. Combining the two seems like a pretty big recipe for success. Now, while I personally wouldn’t bet on it, I think there is a distinct possibility of it happening. It seems insane but with the PC version of Rise more or less confirmed, I don’t think it’s totally out of the picture like most would claim. It’ll at least get far closer than you’d think. Let’s take a look at MHW’s leaked sales numbersIt’s worth noting Switch install base when Rise releases will be bigger than PS4’s was when World released in World’s biggest regions, being Japan, America, and Asia. I’m unsure about EU but I’m sure it’s close. I think it’s entirely possible Rise NSW‘s Japanese sales are equal to World PS4’s Japanese sales + MHW’s global Xbox sales. Considering how well MH4 did, and how literally every 3DS franchise that has made it to Switch has seem a massive increase in sales, I think MHP3’s record is finally breaking and it hits 5M. Rise NSW’s Asian sales exceeding World PS4’s Asian sales also seems reasonable. Switch seems to be fair bit more successful than PS4 in this market, especially with software sales. Switch is also more successful launch aligned in America than PS4, so Rise NSW doing about as well if not slightly more than MHW PS4 is doable. I have no idea about Switch in Europe so let’s just assume by default Rise NSW does worse than MHW PS4 here, but I think America and especially Asia can make up the difference. All that is to say, I think it’s very much possible Rise NSW does about the same as World PS4+XBO, The big question mark at that point is how Rise does on PC compared to World on the same platform. Who knows how strong the retention from World to Rise will be, but it’s worth noting Rise will probably have lower system requirements, which may help it sell more. And the PC release of World may have brought in enough new hardcore fans of the franchise that will be ready to buy any new release that comes their way. Now I want to make it clear, I’m not saying any of this is a certainty lol. Just because the Switch is doing better than PS4 launch aligned doesn’t mean that will translate to those platforms’ respective Mon Hun games! But moreso than the hardware sales, Switch software is just performing at an unprecedented rate. I would be surprised if an exclusive Mon Hun were to break that trend. And one huge caveat, if Rise does actually overtake World, it won’t happen immediately. It might pass it launch aligned at some point, but LTD will be hard, especially because World continues to sell strongly to this day! We know Rise is getting a major expansion sometime in 2022, so I imagine that game will have strong continued success as well. But Monster Hunter World is Capcom’s best selling game ever. Outdoing that would be a gargantuan feat. I simply wanted to make that case that it’s , which is insane in of itself. But at the end of the day I think both World and Rise will be comfortably be Capcom’s two best selling games ever. Both console and handheld Monster Hunter have a place to exist, and the franchise’s fans should be happy no matter what. But it’s fun to speculate. :p


Thread Animal Crossing: New Horizons sales reach 31.18 million, 5.14 million in the last quarter
If anything, I hope this means Nintendo’s internal merchandising department starts expanding. They’ve started to do that with Mario, but Animal Crossing, Zelda, and Splatoon should be getting bigger pushes as well!


Thread [VGC] Platinum says Astral Chain ‘is Nintendo’s IP’ after fans notice copyright change
They had co-ownership of both their Nintendo projects (TW101 and Astral Chain). But they became sole owners of the TW101 IP and I guess Nintendo did for Astral Chain.


Thread Primarily PC players that own a PS5, does the Dualsense sway you into owning/playing 3rd party games on PS5 instead of PC?
I love the DualSense features but being able to properly use its gyroscope on Steam actually means the controller is actually swaying me to do the opposite and play more on PC.