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GamingThread Kotaku: PlayStation Boss Wants Change He's Not Willing To Make
Reason User Banned (5 Days): Platform Warring; History of the Same
Firstly PlayStation now exists and already does everything xcloud and game pass do. And Because "Netflix of gaming" model might not work out due to; Cost of game production going up, while streaming revenue models remaining low value. eg Spotify - artists barely make pennies per 100 streams they make their money off touring and live gigs. Movies and music take less money to make than games. But it can work out for very popular bands because streaming is only one revenue source. They can also lean into licencing their songs for us in movies, adverts etc. Big single player games cost £150m+ to develop streaming will not recover that. For a streaming platform to work you need 1 big game releasing every 2 weeks to keep people subscribed. New movies and shows can be produced in 6 months, game dev takes 3 to 5 years Only way it could work is if the subscription fee was like £40 a month and that money is then redistributed among devs. But do they just pay the devs a certain amount upfrong? Or per hours played? Contracts can get messy. Or the company runs it at a loss until they hit critical mass like Netflix, we're talking multiple years at billion+ losses. Secondly - PlayStation is a more global company operating in countries with poor Internet infrastructure who can't transition to streaming gaming not for at least 10 years. Thirdly - there will be a decline in quality if first party went day and date streaming. Think of the quality of Netflix exclusive movies in the early days. You could clearly tell the difference between blockbusters that had been made for cinema and then went to streaming platforms after the cinema run and the "Netflix exclusives". They were a joke.


GamingThread [Kotaku] Please Stop Closing Forums And Moving People To Discord
Reason User Banned (3 Days): Drive-By Trolling; Accumulated Infractions
"Please stop killing our our clickbait traffic" "Please stop making it harder to plagiarise forum posts for stories "