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GamingThread So square can make drastic changes to FF7 in the remake but couldn't be bothered to not make Barrett an ignorant racist caricature? (Read Threadmarks)
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending): Dismissing concerns regarding racial stereotypes, account in junior phase
Wow. So everyone needs to be sensitive about OPs feelings about Barrett to the point of being banned if they just say they don’t see an issue, but patronizing shit like this is fine? No, I do not have mental capacity to get on your level of omnipotence.I have not heard Barrett in remake. In he original, I don’t see anything out of ordinary. I swear just as much as he does and all “nuthin’-s” et al. don’t seem that exaggerated if we look at 90s popular culture and representation of Afro Americans therein. Tropes don’t exist in vacuum. Otherwise you could simplify any work of art in 3-4 tags. You can handle the trope, add depth to it, or non superficial notions. Which is what is done in Final Fantasy and not in Pulp Fiction or A Team. Could they have handled it better and be less obvious about it? Yeah. Does it invalidate everything else about a character? No.