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"It seems this conversation has become unproductive."

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EtcetEraThread Beating Trump for the culture more so than the politics
Reason User Banned (2 Weeks): Conspiratorial Rhetoric and Antagonizing Another User Across Different Posts
The one where we didn't hold the vote simultaneously and where Surely Nothing Suspicious Went On. Ever. I guess you're coming from the other one where that number has a simply reliable meaning that like of a magic spell that surely automatically proves your point. Lmao.No, people realized the dems are a thorough mixture of 'useless' and 'corporate stooge', and that that didn't just happen by accident, so it won't be undone by accident, either.


EtcetEraThread Popular Youtuber Advocates Aborting Autistic/Mentally Handicapped People in the Womb
Reason User banned (2 weeks): Inflammatory comparisons over a series of posts
You’re right people with ASD should just tolerate diet-eugenics with no opportunity to see any accountability at all paid to their life experiences.