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"Omg everyone hide your baby rape videos before the alt right finds you too!"

schwifty's Actioned Posts



EtcetEraThread Major terrorist (white supremacist) attack in Christchurch (NZ) [UP6: 4 suspects in custody, 49 confirmed dead] (READ THREADMARKS)
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending): Trolling other members and numerous accumulated infractions for inflammatory behavior
Now is not the time to be making things up. I have no clue what you’re saying.


GamingThread THQ Nordic holding an AMA on... 8chan (mainstream press now covering: Washington Post brings the heat) READ THREADMARKS
Reason User banned (2 weeks) Inflammatory drive-by posting and trolling. History of related infractions.
Does THQ financially support 8chan (advertising, funding, etc) or did they just have a AMA on their site? If it’s a one time thing, I’d be willing to turn a blind eye. Though, I don’t really know anything about 8chan.


EtcetEraThread CNN: New evidence suggests Jussie Smollett orchestrated attack (Check Threadmarks / Staff Posts)
Reason User Banned (1 Week): Ignoring staff post and trolling
Please tell us how we should think and feel, as well