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"Engaging the Doxx9001 as we speak."

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GamingThread The Last of Us Part II - Spoiler Thread
Reason User banned (2 weeks): inflammatory trolling
Finally, someone parodied the meme correctly. I would have shopped this myself but a hero emerged. He is called Armstrong because Bravo Platinum. We will flog this game into the ground before it comes out...


EtcetEraThread #JusticeForJohnnyDepp trending following Amber Heard admitting to hitting and throwing pots, pans, and vases at Depp in leaked audio [See Staff Post]
Reason User banned (1 month): ignoring staff post; recently returned from a two week ban for ignoring staff posts
Depp went through years of quite public PR nightmares involving all sorts of bad behavior before and after this mess. She ain´t an angel either. Both of them can be toxic people, not just one. We´ll never know. I don´t know why anyone would take sides here or date either of them. Both still retained their careers and settled. Until they didn´t. I really don´t know what can be learned in this case. Just move on and let the lawyers fight this out as we will only move from one mud match to the next. Life is too short for any of this.


EtcetEraThread A Critique of Red Letter Media’s Bigoted Content (See Staff Post)
Reason User Banned (2 Weeks): Ignoring staff post; downplaying bigoted content, Inflammatory community attack and generalization
I knew that Era would have such a topic, with over 1000 posts. I just knew. Here is my hot RLM take. I like RLM despite seeing all sorts of problems with their content. Some are basic Hollywood facts, like how a film profit is calculated. They constantly explain it wrong. Is say less Jay and have no deep-rooted problems with Mike to comment on that one. is in full swing this year when I look into this year´s release schedule. That observation will by my personal RLM legacy. Their best video btw: PS: The Nerd Crew is unwatchable to me. Valid point, trash execution. I only survived one full ep.


GamingThread Is Kojima the M. Night Shyamalan of the gaming industry?
Reason User Banned (3 Days): Mocking an Ethnic Name
Kojima is a good and most importantly consistent director and producer. Warts and all. The 6/10 MGSV GZ paid demo is the worst that ever came from him in a directing capacity. Shama Lama Ding Dong, well. The 6th Sense and Unbreakable are good but not great, 7/10. His other work is average at best and utter dog shit at worst. His body of work is barely worth talking about and he is overshadowed by his arrogance and insanity. He keeps finding work though regardless of what happens as he somewhat knows how to budget. Also this: You are the worst 2002.