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Reason User Banned (3 Days) - Advocating Piracy
I disagree that Snatcher should get another print, anybody that wants to play the game can do so with ridiculous ease. There is no guilt in playing a pirated game that costs a months rent, with none of the money going to the dev. Konami doesn't give a flip about making a few thousand dollars selling a couple copies. If they really wanted money they'd release the game digitally, which I wouldn't mind. Releasing a new physical copy today would only be for the purpose of disrupting the collector market. Also nevermind collectors, as I've been repeatedly telling people over the years that don't want to pirate it. It doesn't cost much to buy the game off eBay, play through it, then relist the game on eBay. All it'd cost to play the game like this is the eBay sales fees. Or even, it's free to play if you can manage to sell the game on Craigslist. Nuking the value would hurt a fair number of non-collectors who simply wanted to play the game.