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"We're getting heavily played."

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GamingThread Xbox Is Supporting Old Games, While Sony And Nintendo Are Leaving Them Behind (Kotaku)
Reason User Banned (5 Days) - Continued history of platform warring
Ya, you need to do that when you haven’t introduced a new IP in over a decade. In all seriousness, the Xbox hardware being mainly PC framework slimmed down has meant this is an easier path for them. Not to mention they’ve mostly had the benefit of working with studios that are still in business or around to support the leaps in tech. Sony has had a lot of studios/titles come and go through its 5 console cycles 7 if you include portables. It’s just not as feasible, and their answer is streaming anyway...eventually it’ll be good/widely adopted. Been awhile, I didn’t have adequate bad with the last time I tried it...I wonder what it’s like now?! (I think I tried the trial of PSNow 4 years ago).


EtcetEraThread Terrorist invasion of Capitol building by Trump/MAGA supporters; shots fired, Senate evacuated, 5 dead including cop [See threadmarks for updates]'
Reason User threadbanned - Linking alt-right source


GamingThread Over the last few months, I have come to realize I prefer the Xbox One over the PS4 in all ways but one
Reason User Warned: System Wars
Imma let you finish, but the PS4 has the greatest EXCLUSIVE game lineup of all time!!! Microsoft can’t compete. There’s more...but I wouldn’t want to crash Era. Confirmed PS4 has no chill.