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"We're getting heavily played."

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EtcetEraThread Michelle Obama on her bond with George W. Bush: "Our values are the same"
Reason User banned (1 week): trolling and antagonizing other users over multiple posts
Summarizing my analogies in a weak but dismissive way...definitely consider me cancelled. Cool! :p


EtcetEraThread Kendrick Lamar calls out white fan for rapping n-word onstage with him at concert [Read OP]
Reason User Banned (1 week): Arguing in bad faith.
It is an interesting topic and context does matter. As someone who would never use the word in any normal situation I am pretty sure I would if Alice Walker asked me to read a passage from The Color Purple in front of a group. I would do so knowing that she knows her work, knows what she is asking me to read and would not ask me to alter the power of her art by changing words.