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"Are these alt posts just vying for 'craven post of the day' on kiwi farms or something?"

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GamingThread Last of Us: assign a personal effect for each TLOU1 character instagram style.
Reason User Banned (3 Days) - Accusations of Astroturfing
yeah it's a bit weird


EtcetEraThread emigrate to israel
Reason User Suspended (1D): Continuing derail, attacking other users, moderation complaints should be addressed via report/PM
also op himself hasn't posted in this thread for hours, not sure why a few israel apologists are dead set on focusing the discussion on what they think op wants when it seems all they're doing it silencing any criticism of israel and and making it seem like politics aren't an important factor when you're deciding to move to another country to live there.quite a vile and disgusting sentiment. i don't think once they've reach their ultimate goal of ethnically cleansing palestinians out of the region security would be a concern anymore


EtcetEraThread emigrate to israel
Reason User was Warned: Thread Derailing
i think you're ignoring the op would be emigrating to an apartheid state. and all this talk of the homeland is complete bs, but i don't want to start it cuz it won't end soon and would derail the thread.


GamingThread Persona 5: The Royal announced for Sony PlayStation 4; Additional Info @ Persona Super Live 2019 (4/24); RPG + New Character Teased (see staff post)
Reason User Banned (5 days): Portbegging; previous infractions
but don't speculate it hurts people's feelings /s


GamingThread Days Gone Press Tour going on right now
Reason User Banned (3 Days): Repeated trolling in Days Gone threads
sure, when you can't actually counter the points someone makes call him a console warrior. sad. i'm out.


GamingThread A year and a half after the launch of Switch, what are your top 5 most played games on the system?
Red Text Mod Edit - Put effort into your games as the OP as done. State why you have as much time as you do. DO NOT POST A LIST OF JUST 5 GAMES. No one wants to read that
18 month ago, nintendo released the switch, seems like a good time to look back and see what our most played games on the system are. i know switch doesn't have the best activity log. it's not very accurate, it only shows the 20 most recent games you've played, there's no way to sort, etc. but i'm curious to see people's lists. also it would be nice to read a very short review about the games, what you thought, if you're done with the game or have plans to go back and play more, stuff like that. so here's my list: 1. the legend of zelda: breath of the wild, 120 hours there's not much to say, amazing game. i'm pretty much done (all quests/all side quests), only have the final floors of trial of the sword to do. 2. hollow knight, 65 hours i stopped playing my steam version when i heard about the switch port. unbelievable value for the price. i didn't expect it to be this long, and this good. i'm kinda done with the game (104%), the stuff that are left are the super hard quests. i'll be back with the hornet DLC. 3. okami, 45 hours i loved the game on PS2, ended up loving it even more 10 years later. it's a great port, very charming game and a very memorable experience. i didn't truly 100% it, but did all side quests. i may replay in a few years. 4. picross s2, 45 hours it's picross. you just suddenly realize you've been playing the game for close to 50 hours. 5. picross s, 40 hours again, it's picross.


EtcetEraThread Trump to address the nation on Syria tonight (UPDATE: Launching strikes)
Reason Member has been banned (1 week): spreads misinformation. History of infractions.
i'm reading that NOW they're gonna send a team to investigate the chemical attack, now that they've destroyed the "evidence"? yeah makes a lot of sense. the chemical attack was just staged to give them an excuse for this attack, it's very obvious.


EtcetEraThread Israel parliament passes bill into law defining the country as an exclusively Jewish state
Red Text MOD EDIT: As everyone knows, Israel/Palestine threads are some of the most contentious and difficult to moderate. Early in our history we tried being as hands off as possible to let people express themselves, and the result was that the discussions escalated out of control and permanent bans had to be issued. Since then we’ve been enforcing three primary rules to keep these threads relatively civil and prevent escalation. These rules are as follows: 1. Do not conflate civilians with their leadership: This means you should not conflate all Palestinians with Hamas or attempt to paint all Palestinians as terrorists. You should also not hold all Israelis responsible for the actions of their government. 2. Do not condone violence or killing: This goes for both Hamas and the IDF, especially with regard to civilians. 3. Due to historical considerations, the term "Nazi" is not appropriate or acceptable when used in reference to Israel, Israelis, and Jews. This includes comparisons between the Israeli government/IDF and Nazi Germany. You are welcome to criticize Israel in all other ways, but that specific analogy is off-limits, period. If posters cannot respect these boundaries in this thread, it will be locked.
- bad news for the arab and muslim population, who already are treated as second class citizens. - because of this law, arabic, the language of 20% of the population is no longer recognized as an official language. - the bill recognizes jerusalem, a city internationally recognized as belonging to palestinians as well, as the "whole and united" capital of israel. - a clause that would have made the creation of jewish-only communities (apartheid) legal was dropped because of objections by the president (not netanyahu, he's the prime minister) and attorney general. - the bill calls the creation of jewish settlements in palestinian lands (something recognized as illegal by the international community) "a national value and will act to encourage and promote its establishment." an arab land in middle east is now being ethnically cleansed from arabs. a country made on the idea that an oppressed group of people deserve their own nation is now one of the most oppressive and racist nations in the world.


GamingThread As I get older I find myself becoming less interested in story heavy games.
Reason User Warned: 'Lazy dev' rhetoric.
same. my standards for what's actual good story telling have gone way higher than when i was a teenager. i don't connect with "cinematic experiences" for the most part. i think it's a lazy move by devs to focus on that, creating boring and meaningless gameplay that has to be tolerated until the player gets to the "good part", the cutscenes and the actual story. if the shitty story you want to tell isn't actually enhanced by being in an interactive medium and can have the same effect if it was a movie, don't bother imo.