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"It seems this conversation has become unproductive."

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EtcetEraThread I had a bad night. I need some help and cool down.
Reason User banned (permanent): concern trolling over multiple posts
Why do you think I'm arguing with you? I asked you a series of questions to clarify your stance. Since if you haven't realized, you've made a rather bold one yourself.You've stated that the OP does not have a right to an explanation. But it's unclear if by that you mean its always acceptable to leave a date without directly telling the other person. You've made clear certain scenarios where it is acceptable. But in this case without knowing if it's one of these scenarios, you believe its not only wrong to the judge the person, its literally harmful and dangerous. That these people making judgements are potentially dangerous men. I think that's an accurate summary? If the bar for being dangerous or engaging in harmful behavior is making character judgements based on limited information, well I'm curious your thoughts on other threads where character judgements are cast on limited information.