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GamingThread Is Sony likely to change its policy on censorship? Could it impact Playstation 5 sales?
Reason User banned (duration pending review): linking and endorsing a bigoted/hate site
How come in every topic about this you act like Sony isn't censoring anything, as though people just make up random shit to go after Sony? SONY PS4 CENSORSHIP POLICY – CENSORED GAMES MASTER LIST To answer the topic, no, Sony will not lose any significant sales. The question is how many PS5 owners will play on the PC because that will be an alternative to many third party title regardless of censorship.


GamingThread Outer Wilds confirmed EpicStore timed exclusive after luring crowdfundees with a steamrelease. [see EGS guidelines]
Reason User Banned (1 week) - History of Bad Faith arguments and trolling
Bullshit. I have 146 games on Steam, I have nothing against them other than think it is ridiculouss they stopped making traditional games. Maybe, just maybe, some of the things people have against Epic don't affect me as much as they do to them. Any other ridiculous labels you want to place on others who don't share your opinion?lol, quoting things from 12 years ago. Here's another, Digital Equipment Corp. founder Ken Olsen's in 1977, "There is no reason for any individual to have a computer in his home." Bill Gates in 1981 "No one will need more than 637KB of memory for a personal computer. 640KB ought to be enough for anybody,"


GamingThread "Blacks at Xbox" - Incredibly tone-deaf?(Update: Xbox Communication Manager explains)
Reason User Banned (1 Month): Inflammatory and bigoted rhetoric.
Why do we need to label things and have Xbox Black people or the LGBT group? Are we not continuing down the same path of segregating people? It's like going down the road and reading two different languages, what if there are some other people who moved in that are not being represented, do we make 100's of signs? One day we will live in a place where it's just hi, how are you, and none of the other nonsense. One day we will get to the place where a women will have a major role at Sony or Nintendo but get that position because she earned and not because they want women to be failry represented. A day where a Chinese person is simply a person, not one who opens up a corner store and only employs his family. A day where an East Indian is just a person and not someone who runs a restaurant and only hires east Indian people, or a black person who directs movies and wants to cast mainly black people to represent "his people". A day where a Native Indian is viewed as just a person and not one who has to fight for their people but fight for the rights of all people.


GamingThread PC Gaming Era | March 2019 - The Ides of Smarch
Reason User Warned - Generalizations on users
I'm not going to shit on Steam but until they start making games again that interest me I will not fall into the Steam fanboy club.


GamingThread Crackdown 3 Jimpressions: This game is rubbish, I’m going to stop talking about it
Reason User banned (4 days): inappropriate and antagonistic gatekeeping, platform wars
Maybe. What's your Xbox GT?


GamingThread Digital Foundry: Ace Combat 7: - Every Version Tested!
Reason User Warned: “Lazy Devs” Rhetoric. Please review our FAQ.
Typical, and the PC version does't sound too impressive either. Looks good but I'm going to wait for a deep deep sale, sick of Japanese publishers being lazy and worse of all PSVR exclusivity for a year.


GamingThread Phil Spencer: I’m Taking a Bigger Role into Making Windows Store Tailored Towards Gamers [READ OP]
Reason User warned: Antagonizing another user throughout multiple threads.
You can look at it any way you like that's how they all do business. You don't think the shady deals Sony does isn't impacting you as a PC gamer? Microsoft has every right to have exclusives. It's up to them to provide a good service. You can't go after them for business deals because it's happening everywhere. What we can go after is improving the stores functionality so bringing up exclusive deals is irrelevant. No stranger than coming on here to say the same thing day after day claim to be a pc gamer and own other consoles yet spends 90% of his time glued to the screen to talk about why he wont support Windows Store. That's not what I have a problem with its his motive to try and influence us all to boycott the store See he's not happy enough to want the store to get better and complain about it daily. That's not the problem. He's trying to influence everyone not to use it That's why he's so persistent and won't talk about anything else


GamingThread It's happening: Sunset Overdrive for PC rated by the ESRB
Reason User Banned (1 day): Platform warring and antagonising other users
Yes I know this is the Internet and a day won't go by without the world ending The way I see it is if it comes to PC that's great. If it comes to Steam and other stores even better but I'm not going to be terribly upset because just having it on PC is a plus. Some have other motives and just cant let it go that Windows Store will use exclusives to try and leverage people to use it. It's the same damn thing most business do


GamingThread PS4 Fortnite Bundle on July 16th, includes Save The World mode, exclusive skin, 500 VBucks
Reason User Warned: Thread derailment, ignoring mod instructions
Is there going to be a warning now from Sony on the box that you cannot use your Epic Fortnite account on Xbox and Switch, or will that be in the fine print inside within the manual?