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"[mod edit] this isn't the thread to share your fetishes, thank you!"

jrDev's Actioned Posts



GamingThread IGN: Microsoft aiming for a first party game release every 3 months
Reason User Warned - Low Effort Driveby
Still not as good as Nintendo yet unfortunately...


GamingThread Unity CEO accused of sexual harassment in new lawsuit from former vice president
Reason User warned: Trolling a thread about a sensitive subject
Will I get banned if I’m not currently on the side of the alleged victim?


GamingThread GI: [Anno 1800 leaving Steam] might not bode well for the...strength of Steam's marketplace, it most likely is good for everyone else (See Staff Post)
Reason User Warned - Ignoring Staff Post
Of course they do (I do it sometimes too). Watch when EGS gets “Feature rich”, you will see the same people screaming “No Steam, no buy”; which come to think of it, is an aggressive form of port begging to me.


GamingThread The Switch Online Service is a good value for me (and it should be for nostalgic fans too)
Reason User Warned: Inflammatory false equivalency
Oh, the “I got black friends argument.” So because you have Switch games you are allowed to spout nonsense and hyperbole? People it’s $20!! In no way Nintendo was planning to match XBL and PS+ for $20! You guys are something else, reminds of the Switch announcement thread and now look where we are, and I was one of those people being down on the system haha... Admit it, when the big games hit, the price will be even a bigger steal! Still wished it was free though but at least it’s <$20 personally for me...