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"Why aren't we fighting these cunts on the streets again?"

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GamingThread I kinda hope $70 games don't sell well so it doesn't become a new standard
Reason User Banned (2 Week): Platform Warring and Trolling; Prior Bans for Similar Behavior
I want games to succeed, but if Sony starts making all sorts of records at $70, it's gonna suck for all of us. Instead, if they see games at full price not come in quite as much on day 1, they might change around


GamingThread Sekiro needs a small patch to run at 60FPS on PS5 despite having an unlocked framerate (Series X doesn't need it)
Reason User Banned (1 Week): Platform warring and trolling; prior bans for similar behavior
Xbox simply does BC better. If only Sony cared


GamingThread With the current pandemic, I think Xbox 1st party being cross gen just became an even better deal
Reason User banned (1 week): Using a pandemic to create a platform warring thread, history of infractions
Don't you think? Not everyone will be able to cash in 1 or 2 next gen boxes for that matter this holiday. But you can still play Halo infinite on your current XBO, and pc. You can stay safe, save your money if you are going through tough times, and still play the new games. An expanded BC is nice too. Where supposedly with Sony you will have to have $560 (console + game) with no other option. (with xbox you wouldnt need $60 for a game neither, you can probably pay $1 for 3 months of gp).


GamingThread Why is there so much blowback from people when asking for more gender & ethnic diversity in games?
Reason User banned (duration pending): Inflammatory commentary surrounding representation of minorities in games
I just dont think people like things to be forced if someone's vision is to make this game, with this color, and with a trans character, like tell me why, then great. That is their vision. But a push for devs in general to make these types of specific games, just to reach a certain quota of ethnicity, its just meh. There are inclusive games, and more games being made that are more inclusive, and with more variety of ranges, and those are devs with that in mind as part of their vision that fits their specific games


GamingThread Rage 2 is a fun game that makes me feel like garbage - Polygon
Reason User Banned (3 Days): Drive-by trolling in a sensitive topic
damn, we gotta have a problem with everything huh


GamingThread "Yet Another Generic White Dude" - A legitimate discussion on criticism regarding character design diversity
Reason User Banned (1 Week): Dismissing concerns surrounding diversity and inclusivity efforts
Who cares if it's white black, woman or man? It has to be SOME gender and skin color. It literally means nothing, devs should make what they want. Story and writing is what needs to be on point


GamingThread Persona 5: The Royal announced for Sony PlayStation 4; Additional Info @ Persona Super Live 2019 (4/24); RPG + New Character Teased (see staff post)
Reason User banned (24 hours): Port-begging, ignoring a moderator post.
the cant just reveal this game, cant they switch version would be day 1 buy


GamingThread Pokémon Sword and Shield announced. Coming Late 2019
Reason User Banned (1 Day): Trolling over a series of posts
so more of the same meh Damn, how does something like pokemon Colosseum in GC still looks better than this??


GamingThread I think I found the best Switch Case
Red Text Mod edit: referral link removed.
I am making this thread, because I feel like this is not well known. This is my third switch case. I have been looking for the perfect switch case, and I did not find it until now. Day 1 I had one the BOTW link one. It had some space for games, and other items, but something I did not felt comfortable showing everyone lol. I then got the official Nintendo one. I can finally take it with me without feeling ashamed! xD That being said, I had no space for my charger, headphones, or even the joy cons strands. On top of that it only has space for 5 games, and I have over 10. I purchased a switch specific game case, that holds up to about 25 more due to this, but it did not even fit comfortably on the official one, so it was always separated. This one I found randomly, I was looking at their gaming grip, and came across their case. In short it does everything I needed * Space: up to 20 games (if more space is needed, my game case can fit here) * cool look and feel, modern, good protection * plenty of space for anything else, extra joycons, joy con strands, etc After using it a couple of days, I can confirm it is great, and I never heard about it from anyone, never saw it in videos of people recommending it. I stumbled on it randomly, and it is the best I have found. Thought I should share. Could not be happier. Might put my own pictures later