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"MOD EDIT: Removed conspiracy-theory video"

icecold1983's Actioned Posts



GamingThread Have we reached the point where there’s diminishing returns for graphics? Most if not all these games from PS5 event look like they could be PS4 games
Reason User Warned: platform warring
"meh, diminishing returns. looks the same as PS4 games" XBox X RTX "OMG insane generational improvement. THIS is next gen!"


GamingThread Why is there so much blowback from people when asking for more gender & ethnic diversity in games?
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending): Dismissing concerns of representation; accumulated infractions.
I dont generally care, but im against changing long established characters/settings/periods etc for the sake of forced diversification


GamingThread Steam's Business Model Is "Unrealistic," Ubisoft Executive Says
Reason User Banned (3 days): Drive by trolling, history of infractions for similar posts.
Its always funny reading these threads and wondering what type of skittles and rainbows world resetera thinks this is


Gaming HangoutsThread Overwatch |OT2|Live Long and Alla Till Mig!
Reason User Banned (2 Days): History of antagonizing behavior and hostility towards other members
lmaooo on an unrelated note, just imagine how absurdly unintelligent and pathetic you have to be to think the counter to bastion and orisa is hog and hammond. how does 95% of this community actually exist


Gaming HangoutsThread Overwatch |OT| Mercy May I?
Reason User Banned (24 hours): History of trolling the Overwatch OT
smurfs wont be spending much time below platinum. this is just you being upset that youre bad. you arent good enough to accurately determine when someone is smurfing or just having a lucky game


Gaming HangoutsThread Overwatch |OT| Mercy May I?
Reason Member was warned for personal insults. Calling other members dumb.
they are just dumb and want to feel smart at most you get her to use her grapple hook so a 2 second window. the orb is much better used for other purposes imo