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EtcetEraThread Jesus Is King dropping midnight [Update: it's out]
Reason User Banned (Permanent): Supporting Bigotry
Of-course when Kanye was blatantly preaching and pushing drugs, drinking, sex, rape, abuse, violence, gang and all kinds of filth in his songs no one batted an eye. But Now he's pushing Jesus Christ and God, all of a sudden there's an uproar. Hate to break it to you but majority of "REAL" evangelical and christian voted and will like vote for trump AGAIN. Because they value the laws of GOD and things concerning abortion above political views as they believe GOD has and can use a donkey to establish his will. Don't let your hate for Trump cloud your judgment.


GamingThread Graphics Tech: Exclusive vs. 3rd Party
Reason User Banned (1 Week): Bad faith derailment surrounding game graphics and technology
Maybe you should actual start reading some of my posts. The reason i don't respond to the inquiries is exactly inquiries like this. People don't read my post, take a statement out of context and have the nerve to demand a respond from me. But i digress. I performed research on Detroit graphics in UE4 and kept the results to myself mainly because the gainsaying in this forum. Yes because DF is a huge media graphic force in the gaming community that can completely change a narrative and story. huh? what are you trying to say here? DF is 100% wrong in their assessment, this is like saying 1+1 isn't 2. Do you want me to send you me unreal engine project file so you can toggle the cubemap resolution and see the results. DF is wrong point blank, not just about the cubemap but about the "interior rooms". He isn't, everything he has said so far has been 100% logical. First party games don't have some secret sauce/team/tool. No i said this week i will post some stuff with similar material and quality as spiderman. Its not an absurd comparison. ~10 cars in a regular game is equivalent to 1 cars in a racing game. Its a completely factual comparison. I never said such nonsense. if you gonna ask me inquires atleast read my posts. They don't. I'm talking about GTA like AI routines. Another false statement you keep repeating. I said i hadn't seen SSS so far and i will keep looking for it. 1-2 pages later i said i found some scenes with SSS. I'm full of crap yet you clearly don't even read my post in context.


GamingThread DF: Spider-Man PS4 Pro Early Analysis - Insomniac's New Tech Showcase
Reason User Banned (3 days) - Bad faith and hostility across multiple topics
Oh yeah I forgot. Sony games are beyond criticism and analysis because their fans simply cant handle or bear it. Darn it, should have remembered, I can only post in DF threads that are not a sony game. I was doing good by posting in the last couple DF threads that weren't sony. But I dun goofed posting in this one. Thank you for reminding me. Such an un bias gaming forum you got going here resetera. Very fair and balanced, up there with fox news. How dare people question statements like "best looking game of all time", "cg quality", "realism to the next level", "generation ahead of the competition" that gets thrown around very easily. Besides I should avoid sony DF threads since I actually have a job as a lead senior software engineer (9-5 with weekend prod deployments) then a life after work. My free times are spent playing basketball, traveling, and hanging out with friends. The other little time left are spent on my hobbies in game engine and graphics research. But why in the world would I spend that little time trying to please apparent toxic users of this forum? Therefore I will take my sweet time and work on things as I desire and showcase it when and if I feel like it, Thank you very much. If you don't like it, so be it


GamingThread Digital Foundry: The Last of Us Part 2 E3 2018 Trailer Analysis: Realism Pushed To The Next Level
Reason User Warned: Derailment
Huh? Do you know what taking someone's statement out of context is? You just did it again. You can't grab a sentence and say HEY GOTCHA. notice i said "while a shooter game is" not the shooter genre. I'm breaking down specific games all throughout the thread. if you actually refer to ANY of the other posts i have made throughout this thread i have focused on describing battlefield and battlefront games. keep trying though and keep embarrassing yourself. When i described why Quantum break is a shooter i laid out the reasons. But no keep grabbing posts out of context. Keep saying i don't own a ps4.


GamingThread [GamingBolt] Graphics Analysis - God of War: Arguably The Best Looking Game of All Time
Reason User Warned: Thread derailment.
Clearly the best looking skybox in game and by far waaaaaay better than GOW. Not even close. Also the #2 looking water in game behind sea of theives. Completely blowing GOW out of the water.