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GamingThread Phil Spencer: Amazon and Google are ‘the main competitors going forward’ in relation to Sony and Nintendo’s ability to create a cloud infrastructure
Reason User warned: Console warring
This is very disrespectful for Microsoft's own competitors in the gaming space right now, which are Sony and Nintendo, and both of them are doing much better than Microsoft right now. it is too soon to start saying something like this, we don't really know if users will abandon hardware to go for streaming solutions, Nintendo and Sony can keep releasing attractive hardware, I don't think the change is as easy or definitive as Phil is making it to be.


GamingThread Capcom hired a white dude who pretends to be black and says nigga to voice Morrison in DMCV. YT channel full of transphobia, racism, and antisemitism
Reason User Banned (2 Weeks): Dismissing concerns about racism and inflammatory false equivalencies surrounding race over a series of posts
People clarified this is not the problem, but if we want to discuss this point especially, I don't think it is really an issue for employment. because, what about the opposite? the majority of video games characters are white males, so does this mean they should be voiced by white males only, I don't really think so. in my humble opinion, thoughts of white supremacists and racism won't stop until people stop drawing a line between others based on their color. in my country there is no racism between white and black (but there are other types of racism, no place is perfect after all), because nobody care if someone white or black did something wrong, the essence is that they did something wrong, it doesn't matter what their color is. so I don't see any issue with black person voicing a white character or the other way around, it is not an issue by itself, until people decide to make an issue of it. this is my personal view. again, i understand people are clarifying that this is not the issue here.