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"Why aren't we fighting these cunts on the streets again?"

hendersonhank's Actioned Posts



EtcetEraThread Terry Crews criticised for saying children of same-sex parents are ‘severely malnourished’, has since apologized and deleted comment
Reason User Banned (1 Week): Rationalizing homophobic rhetoric
People are seriously angry at the opinion that it's *better* --- not *necessary* -- to have parenting from two genders? Isn't the whole point of gender that there are real differences, and wouldn't it obviously be the case that it's better (not necessary) to get both kinds of parenting?


EtcetEraThread School condemns Trump-supporting students that harassed Native American man
Reason User Banned (5 Days): Downplaying Racism
Wearing a hat with a slogan embodying rhetoric of "put America's interests ahead of those of 'global partners and allies'" and "bring back jobs" and "cut back regulations", however wrong-headed, short-sighted, or ill-informed, is not "racist behavior".