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GamingThread [BBC] In China, Uighurs 'moved into factory forced labour' for foreign brands Apple, Google, Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony
Reason User Banned (Permanent): Dismissing and denying human rights abuses.
Gross. Not to my country or my government, but to you who post shits like these. Our young generation are working in these companies without any differences, people from poor region to seek jobs throughout the country to change their lives. I totally don’t understand your purpose on these shit posts. I have seen enough racist posts against my country and my government in Era. You just can’t believe we Chinese live a better life than you and you are afraid of us. That’s fine. I feel sorry for you. In China we grow up with education that told us world people are our friends and we should unite to make the world better. And our country never been a country to rob resources from other countries . It’s in our vain that we work hard to get better life. With so many negative posts these days. I am more sure about it. We have the best country in the world and best government in the world and we live the best life here. I stay with my country and I love it. I love it more than ever. Oh and , take your 50 cents for making the posts. Another jokes for me to bring to our social community. Thx.


EtcetEraThread China celebrates 70 years of Communist Party Rule
Reason User Banned (2 weeks): Dismissing the ethnic cleansing of Uighurs as "fake news"
Interesting. It’s not our lives here. Hopefully you can travel here and you will understand such fake news are so ridiculous.


GamingThread Is God of War 2018's treatment towards women problematic? (Spoilers)
Reason User Banned (1 week): Trying to shutdown discussion and dismissing concerns of the representation of women over multiple posts.
Shame on you OP and all those who made these hilarious threads. Disgusting as hell. I never think there is any difference between male or female. We female players killed so many male enemies in our gaming libraries so what?? I don't want to see these stupid threads judging about GOW or TLOU2 for women's right any more. Please. If you really want to be a female player just castrate off yourself!


GamingThread Fortnite Crossplay XB1 - PS4 | Seems like the ball is in Sony's court ... Again - MOD EDIT: READ OP
Reason User Warned: Thread-whining, ignoring moderator's instruction.
Again. You can vote by your wallet. And it's more easier than you thought to buy a console or pc/ios game in order to play with your friends. Several of my friends bought playstation 4 for the first time only because they want to play Monster Hunter World cooperation with me. They used to be Steam players.You can't say the strategy doesn't make money as this is a case that 1 player, like me, bringing in a lot of more new platform console players into this gen. What I can't understand for such a topic is that as you know the answer is NO, why still make the same topic again? From MC to Fornite. You can even make this an OT| Why Sony refuse cross play. and update again and again with new titles that MS want to work out. What a waste of time.


GamingThread Red Dead Redemption II - Official Trailer 3
Reason User warned: Console wars, reviewer conspiracy theories
Even Overwatch could get a GOTY then why not... Nintendo score always +5 for most reviewers because the history of the company lower the expectation bar. While the Nintendo fanboys play shit on every thread. Thanks for making BotW from a title I respect to a title I diss.