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"This thread's premise is reactionary and unproductive"

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GamingThread [VGC] The former lead designer of Kena: Bridge of Spirits claims he was ‘maliciously forced out’
Reason User threadbanned: thread derailment. This is not the thread to discuss moderation policy.
Lol nothing was done regarding Insomiac games, Acti-Blizz or Ubisoft ones and you expect that something will be done for this? Only game that got some kind of response here on Era was CP2077. And I still stand by my opinion that Era should decide if they will treat all developers/games the same or not bother at all. These random decisions serve no purpose.


GamingThread Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut - Announcement Trailer
Reason User Warned: Trolling, Platform Warring
Just to remind people that indie developer managed to add full voice acting in their game for free among other features. That game was Disco Elysium. What Sony charges for is honestly shameful. But they can do it because as we see in this thread people are absolutely fine with that.


Gaming HangoutsThread Community Spotlight:PC Gaming Era|July 2018-Where the Duffs are Whales and the Slashes are Grizzlies
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They really worked hard on new bundle XD