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"This thread seems to have gone off the rails. Give us a bit to sort this out."

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GamingThread CDPR is a transphobic company. It's time we stop making excuses for them.
Reason User banned (duration to be determined after admin review) - Tone policing, backseat moderation and concern trolling over multiple posts. Numerous previous infractions.
It is great you show respect to people by using their correct pronouns. But at the same time, why are you insulting Black Chamber so much, who is a super nice, dedicated person? Posts from Black Chamber are always full of happiness, good intentions and good vibes. If you can't treat people with respect in one way, don't expect to receive respect in an other. You're not the only one making these mistakes, so I am not speaking exclusively to you. It always saddens me to see people fighting for a good cause here, in this case trans-rights, but fail to realize hatred should not be fought with hatred, but with love instead. Hatred just makes everything worse, it has always been that way in human history and the angry reactions on Era prove it every time. It will lead to absolutely nothing and you know this, which in turn gets you even more angry which resulted into that post of yours.


GamingThread Nintendo Direct Speculation |OT9| Black Lives Matter far more than video games
Reason User Banned (2 weeks): trolling and platform warring over a series of posts
I know, it pains me to say this, but what looks more exciting? A huge ass underwater city or an empty grass field? Sorry, but I feel more excited by the latter, especially given that they plan to reuse the world map... It really pains me. I was zero interested in Horizon Zero Dawn and I also found BOTW to be better. But I feel like Horizon 2 is going to improve a lot on the first game.


GamingThread Outside if sales...did the Switch lose momentum for you personally as a system this year?
Reason User Banned (1 month): platform warring, multiple prior bans for platform warring
Umm. Sony delivered TLOU2, one of the biggest games they have ever made. And what did Nintendo deliver? Clubhouse games... COVID is not an excuse for this lackluster first party lineup imo. They have been quiet way before that.


GamingThread PS5 and Xbox Series speculation |OT12| - Aw hell, Transistor's running this again?
Reason User banned (1 week): Trolling.
Don't want to be a debbie downer, but we currently assume PS5 will have RDNA2 because AMD speaks of next gen consoles, the plural, using their latest tech, right? What if they mean Lockhart and Series X? Was this possibility already discussed?


GamingThread Andrew Allanson (Director of YIIK; Ackk Studios) Believes Games Aren't Art Because Players Can't Understand His Vision; Also a piece of shit
Reason User Banned (1 week): Trolling; inflammatory generalisations and a history of similar behaviour
Another lynch mob by Era. This gets really old now. Don't you guys have something better to do?


GamingThread So um gaming analyst Michael Pachter has just tweeted this (mosque shooting related) [update: Pachter apologizes]
Reason User Banned (3 Days): Inflammatory generalizations and antagonizing other members
Pro tip: stay out of discussions like these, these people can't be helped because they WANT to be outraged at everything.


GamingThread Capcom to continue developing (non-cloud) games for Switch in the future
Reason User Banned (5 days): Inflammatory port begging / system wars
Screw you Capcom you stupid company, requesting more ram from Nintendo and still not support the Switch with meaningful titles is pure evil. WHERE THE HELL are those titles you are blabbering about, Crapcom? How about announce some of them? Oh wait, you can't, because you don't have any.


GamingThread Gematsu: NieR: Automata coming to Xbox One on June 26
Reason User Banned (1 Day): Port begging. Previously warned for similar behaviour.
Jesus fucking christ why not put it on the platform it would sell the most Hint hint: Switch