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"[mod edit] this isn't the thread to share your fetishes, thank you!"

blitzblake's Actioned Posts



EtcetEraThread Number of past intimate partners.
Reason User Banned (3 Months) Sexist and Misogynistic Rhetoric, "Slut" Shaming; Sex Shaming of Any Kind is Not Tolerated
Apparently I’m the only one on this forum who would prefer the least amount of men to have nutted in my gf/wife. More power to yas.


GamingThread Game Informer: The first hour of Days Gone (Alpha Build & Dev Commentary) [Update: 40 more minutes]
Reason User warned: inflammatory posting.
Yikes, a lot of people here sound excited to gun down some zombie children... I don't know how I feel about that...


GamingThread Eurogamer: 9 minutes of Artifact Gameplay - The new game from VALVE
Reason User Warned: Drive-by post.
Awesome mini game, can't wait to see what game it's from.