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blastprocessor's Actioned Posts



GamingThread The Cherno reacts to Halo Infinite
Reason User warned: Thread whining
Why is it we have a Cherno thread for every reaction? I know he's worked on an engine for EA but does that mean he's somehow an industry expert on graphics rendering? I'm not so sure. He's not some Tim Sweeney or John Carmack.


EtcetEraThread Trump depicted as mass shooter killing various journalists and politicians during an event at his resort
Reason User Banned (1 Week):Excusing violent/inappropriate content
I thought that was some funny ****.


GamingThread Puyo Puyo Tetris executable is 128MB - just 5-6MB is the real game code. The rest of it is Denuvo
Reason User warned: Low effort post, drive-by
Another Denuvo bashing piece